Website terms and conditions – sale of goods, services and digital content to consumers (B2C)

What are terms and conditions for the sale goods, services and digital content to consumers and when should you use them?


These website terms and conditions are standard terms and conditions for businesses to supply goods, services and digital content via a website to consumers only (B2C terms and conditions).

Examples of digital content include:

  • Games and software
  • Films and TV programmes
  • Ebooks
  • Music
  • Mobile and tablet applications
  • Online news platforms
  • Ringtones

Many EU countries, including Ireland, do not have explicit rules on digital content.

This makes it difficult for consumers to take action against you if things go wrong; for example, the product is faulty or does not have the quality that you would reasonably expect.

To address this, the EU approved new rules to make sure that consumers in all Member States have a right to a refund, repair or replacement for faulty digital content.

The new rules are in the directive on contracts for the supply of digital content and services (Digital Content Directive).

The Directive must become law in Ireland before 1 January 2022.

Read our guide on consumer rights for digital content to find out more about selling digital content.

This template is drafted with this directive in mind.

It is suitable for businesses of all sizes from a sole trader selling a single product to an established business selling thousands of different products.

These terms relate to the sale of goods, services and digital content to consumers

If you only sell one of these elements, or a different combination, from your website then you need to consider one of our other templates:

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