Terms and conditions – supply of services to consumers (off premises) (B2C)

What are terms and conditions for supply of services to consumers (off-premises) and when should you use them?


These are standard format terms and conditions for businesses to provide to consumer customers in the context of an ‘off-premises’ sale.

They explain how your business will provide your customers with the services they have ordered, including payment terms and delivery times.

They also set out the situations where the contract may be amended or cancelled by either party and what your customers should do if there is a fault with the services that you have provided.

These terms relate to the sale of services off premises.

If you sell goods and/or digital content as well, you’ll need one of our other templates focused on these other combinations as they’ll be better tailored to suit your business activities.

You supply services to consumers off-premises if:

  1. you make the contract at a place where you are both physically present, and that place is not your business premises (for example, the contract is signed at the customers home, or where they work), or
  2. an offer to buy is made to you by the customer, where you are both physically present, and you’re in a place which is not your business premises (for example, when a consumer signs the order form in their home, or the consumer’s place of work, and you then agree the actual contract at a later point), or
  3. you enter into a contract that is agreed at your business premises, or via a distance communication (e.g. by phone), immediately after a meeting with the customer at a place which is not your business premises (for example, you show the consumer something on the high street and then take them to your office to sign the contract, or ask the consumer to complete the contract on your handheld tablet), or
  4. you enter into a contract with the customer during an excursion which you organise in order to sell to them (for example, you meet them on holiday and take them to a different place with the aim of selling them something).


What else should you consider?


Please make sure that you have chosen the correct template as there are many to choose from.

If you want business to consumer (B2C) terms and conditions for the sale of goods and services (coming soon), or B2C terms and conditions for the supply of services alone (coming soon), you’ll need our separate templates.

If you sell to consumers but via a website, then you’ll need one of the following templates:

If you’re not sure about which terms and conditions you need, or you have any questions, our guides to terms and conditions for consumers and for business sales  are a great starting point.

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