Terms and conditions for supply of freelance/contractor graphic design services

What are terms and conditions for supply of freelance/contractor graphic design services and when should you use them?


These are very simple terms and conditions for graphic designers who provide creative design services as a freelancer or contractor.

You can use these Terms and Conditions on your website.

They help protect your business and explain how your business will provide your customers with the services they have ordered, including payment terms and delivery times.

They also set out the situations where the contract may be amended or cancelled by either party and what your customers should do if there is a fault with the services that you have provided.

They work well where you are typically supplying relatively straight-forward creative services but where your key commercial terms don’t vary for each transaction.

These terms cover key issues such as orders, specifications, obligations, pricing, payment, intellectual property, warranties, liability and termination.

They allow for you to retain all intellectual property rights to any design work or alternatively to give your client these rights.

They will give you a great basis to agree more detailed supply terms if you wish to do so.

Use these terms and conditions:

  • when you are supplying services to another business (not a consumer)
  • to make it clear where everyone stands if something goes wrong
  • when you want your terms of business to be generic and the same for every client
  • when you are supplying services to specification and/or standard services

Although our template can help you to create a great set of terms and conditions, how you then use these terms is just as important to ensure that you have a robust arrangement in place that accurately represents what you intended to agree.

Where you have a need to provide a separate contract for a client you can use our graphic designers contract template

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