Redundancy consultation and provisional selection letter

What is a redundancy consultation and provisional selection letter and when should you use it?


You should use this letter when you have provisionally selected an employee for redundancy and you need to consult with them individually about this for the first time.

This is typically the first of the one-to-one communications that you’ll have with your at-risk employees.

This will be the first time that an affected employee has had it confirmed that their particular job is at risk.

As before, if you can discuss this  with your employee before you hand them this letter, the more you can ensure that they understand what it means for them and that they are not feeling unfairly singled out.

Following on from your initial warning letter, you’ll see that this letter prompts you to reiterate:

  • the reasons/events etc that have led to your business concluding that it is necessary to make redundancies, and
  • the effect of this conclusion on the relevant part/location/division or department of your business
  • the steps you’ve taken so far to try and avoid making compulsory redundancies

The template also guides you through your explanation of your redundancy selection criteria too.

It also makes it clear that no final decision has been reached and encourages the employee to contribute ideas to the discussion to see whether their redundancy can be prevented.

Our Step by Step guide to handling redundancies sets out a practical action plan to help you handle the process.

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