Offer of employment letter

What’s an offer of employment letter and when should you use it?


You should use this letter when you are ready to offer employment to a suitable candidate.

This is an offer letter, so it does have legally binding effect.

Therefore, it’s important that your drafting is clear.


What else might you need?


As this is an offer of employment letter you will also require the appropriate employment contract, your employee handbook and all your necessary procedures and policies.

You can choose from our various employment contract templates below.

Simply click on the one that best suits your needs and ‘voila’ you’ve got your contract sorted.

We’ve got your employee handbook sorted as well with our employee handbook template

You should have in place an employee privacy notice, setting out how you handle an employee’s personal data during (and after) their employment with you.

We have a template for that also Employee privacy notice 

You’ll find a host of guides on all things employment in our employees hub

We’ve got you covered!

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