5 day statement of employment (Statement of Terms)

What is a 5 day statement and when should you use it?


There is a legal requirement to provide all your employees with a written statement of terms and conditions of employment within 1 month of your employee starting the job.

However, certain core terms of employment must be provided within 5 days.

This is what’s known as a ‘5 day statement’

This template is designed to cover the core terms:

  1. The full names of the employer and employee
  2. The address of the employer
  3. The place of work
  4. The date the employment started
  5. The job title, grade or nature of the work
  6. The expected duration of the contract (where the contract is temporary or fixed term)
  7. The rate or method of calculating pay and the pay reference period for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage Act 2000 (for example, a week, a fortnight or a month) – see ‘Pay reference period’ below
  8. What the employer reasonably expects the normal length of your working day and week to be, in a normal working day and in a normal working week
  9. The duration and conditions relating to the probation period
  10. Any terms or conditions relating to hours of work, including overtime


What else might you need?


You must give your employees a written statement of their remaining terms of employment within 1 month of starting work.

This includes:

  1. Pay intervals (for example, weekly or monthly)
  2. Paid leave, including your annual leave and public holiday entitlements
  3. Sick pay
  4. Pension and pension schemes
  5. Period of notice to be given by employer or employee
  6. Details of any collective agreements that may affect the employee’s terms of employment
  7. Any training to be provided by the employer
  8. For temporary agency contracts, the identity of the person or firm hiring the agency worker
  9. If the work pattern is entirely or mostly unpredictable, information about the number of guaranteed hours, the hours and days the employee may be required to work and the minimum notice of a work assignment
  10. The identity of the recipient agency for social security contributions and any protection relating to their social security arrangements

Though not required by law, it is recommended that you provide all your employees with written contracts of employment so there’s no ambiguity about the basis on which you and the employee work together.

You can get access to all of these templates below, all of which are suitable for employees only.

Simply click on the one that best suits your needs and ‘voila’ you’ve got your contract sorted.

Updated on 13 March 2023

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